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Eyeglasses Care and Cleaning

Cleaning glasses can be quite a task at times. There is always some kind of grit, dirt or grease
stuck on the lenses. These stains can not only cause irritation but can be annoying. It can strain
our eyes and lead to headaches. If you do not clean your glasses properly, bacteria develop on the
glasses. These germs sit on our nose or eyes. Our eyeglasses should be cleaned regularly.
Cleaning lenses is a part of our personal hygiene. Our tolerance of blur and our occupation plays
an important role how often our lenses require cleaning. Our lenses require daily cleaning whereas
our frames can be cleaned once a week.

Sometimes bacteria accumulated on the lenses can cause staph infection. The nose pads and ear
clips are most tainted areas. Below are few ways to keep our glasses clean:
Clearer the lens, clearer the focus. It is vital to keep your lenses clean to see the world clearly. It
doesn’t have to be a long process just few seconds of cleaning would suffice. It just requires 20
seconds of your time.

Things you need to have while cleaning:

Microfiber cloth: it is the most effective way of cleaning your lenses without scratching or smearing.

Cleaning Solution: These cleaning solutions are safe for lens coatings. It is best for polycarbonate lenses.

How to do it?

  • Before you start cleaning, you need to wash your hands first so that the germs from your hand
    doesn’t stick on the lenses.
  • It is always better to use warm water to clean your lenses. We should use distilled water if there is hard water flowing from your faucet.
    It is always better to clean lenses from both sides. Do not put excess solution only one drop on
    both the sides will leave it sparkling clean.
  • You can shake your glasses to remove excess water. You can air dry them to avoid scratches and marks from water.

How to Clean Frames:

Frames are complicated than lenses. Frames have a lot of tiny parts which can get dirty from sweat and oil on our face. Generally, people do not focus on cleaning their frames and skip this part. Remember that frame is constantly in touch with our skin. We need to take good care of frames and not overlook it.

How to do it?

Always wash frames with warm water. We can use lotion-free dish soaps or a mild soap. Rinse the frame properly and thoroughly. Use alcohol to clean the parts of the frames like earpieces or notepads.

What to Avoid?

Avoid using paper towels, fabrics, tissues and clothes that you are wearing. It looks easier to use clothes on you to clean the lenses. It is recommended to use soft cloth for cleaning. The most common mistake we do is they use tissue or towels to clean our lenses. These materials can scratch the surface of the lenses. Eventually is we do this regularly, our lenses loose clarity,

Avoid Acetone:

Sometimes we use nail polish removers to clean our lenses but this is the most common mistake we do. Acetone can spoil our frames as well as glasses.

Saliva never cleans our lenses:

Sometimes when there is a smudge on the surface and you do not have solution with you, do not use saliva to clean it. Germs from your mouth is transferred on the lenses.

Professional Cleaning:

Many eyewear retailers provide cleaning service. This service is complimentary and you can bring back your eyewear anytime you want. If there are too many smudges or breakouts on your earsand nose, professional cleaning is the solution.

How to store glasses?

Never throw your glasses inside a bag without case. Storing your eyewear inside a case can
protect it from smudging and scratching. If you want your eyewear to last longer, you should
always protect it inside the case. You can buy cases online or from any eyewear retailer. Soft
pocket style case is also a good alternative to a hard case lens if you can’t carry it everywhere. It is also better to store glasses inside your case at night. Always keep your eyewear on a hardstand
facing towards the roof. Never place it upside down as scratches or smears may develop.

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